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BehindTheSpot, the team full of youthful and enthusiastic individuals who have a common and clear vision to serve the community. In the process, we not only provide quick fixes but follow through the roots of the problem and break it down further for the betterment of all.

Attaining every idea from compact to substantial encourages us to deliver content that not only bring prominent benefits to all mankind but also bring changes in the life of the readers.

No controversial topics or religious themes are entertained by us. We present unbiased information to our readers in a skillful manner. Our belief is that nobody wants destruction but advancement and progression.

Our attempt is to make individuals more active and informative with the side twist of entertainment and positivity. Constructive criticism and new-found appreciation is always welcome by us. By all this, BehindTheSpot not only remains an infotainment portal but much more than that for you to explore.


Behindthespot gives various opportunities to the budding to expert artist to contribute for the enhancement of society. It is a prospering platform for everyone to share their talents and credits.


Behindthespot provides all the necessary updates and changes in any genre. From major to minor conceptions are put through our audience, partners and contributors with nothing but positive intentions.

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Behindthespot is rated one of the best and authentic information provider award by association of newsreaders in infotainment section. We are humble as well as proud to receive this prestigious award and thankful to the organizers.

Our Value Oriented Team Members

  • Your Talent, Your Platform.

    Start Your Journey.

    There’s need to be a starting point for everyone for their unique journey into the bright future. That start is  passionate, It may not be easy but should be full of joy. Now is the time to rise up and start your own journey.

  • Your Contribution towards Success.


    Most (InFact all, some don’t tell) successful people does not get successful overnight but has faced lots of challenges and gone through tough routes to achieve what they have now. But as wisely said by Robert H. Schuller “tough times don’t last but tough people do”. Consistency and Persistence is what it takes.

  • Feedback to Ladder Up Together.

    Power Of Feedback.

    To improve and to get better, Feedback is a must. We can’t even think of our next step without knowing what really needs to be done. There is immense power in the information that feedback holds. We all need it the most for a refined tomorrow.

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