10 Amazing Facts about Space you need to know

10 Amazing Facts about Space you need to know

  1. The first woman in space was Valentina Tereshkova, a Soviet cosmonaut who flew aboard the Vostok 6 on June 16, 1963.
  2. Rakesh Sharma had taken Indian food to space with the help of the Defense Food Research Lab situated in Mysore. They had packed suji halwa, aloo chole and veg pulao which Sharma shared with fellow astronauts. 
  3. Rakesh Sharma was the first who practiced zero gravity yoga in order to deal with space sickness in 1984. His experiments were quite appreciated by The Rocosmos. At a conference in 2009, he suggested the next Indian cosmonauts to practice zero gravity yoga to cope up with space sickness.  
  4. Some bacterial colonies grow much faster in space. For example, astro E-coli colonies grow almost twice as fast as E-coli on Earth. Additionally, salmonella grows much deadlier while on a space shuttle than on Earth.
  5. Theorists believe that if you tune a television to any channel it doesn’t receive, about 1% of the static on it is an ancient remnant of the Big Bang.
  6. Although everyone calls it the Big Bang, advocates of the theory caution us not to think of it as a conventional explosion but rather as a vast sudden expansion.
  7. Because there is no gravity in space, there is no buoyant force, which means nothing pushes bubbles up and out of carbonated drinks in space. Therefore, it is impossible to burp out the gas of, say, a root beerr
  8. The first American woman in space was Sally Ride, who was aboard the space shuttle Challenger on June 18, 1983. She was also the youngest American in space.
  9. When Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India asked Rakesh Sharma how India looked from outer space, he promptly replied, Saare jahan se achha (better than the whole world). He also said that the most beautiful moments in space were that of sunrise and sunset.

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