Beauty with Maths exists in this Building in a fashionable city

Beauty with Maths exists in this Building in fashionable city.

This is a building of a textile planning and trading company which handles the entire process from the production to retail.

The site is well located on the corner plot near the fashionable city “Harajuku”. The client had been focusing on female apparel business, so the concept of our building design which is a metaphor of female beauty was suitable for them to put across their corporate identity.

The components that characterize this architecture are the two curved surface walls which dominate the entire space.

These two walls form a shortcut path which connects the roads in front of each side of the corner plot. This path which looks like a narrow alley or the bottom of a ravine leads visitors inside the building, to the event hall in the basement and the showrooms on the first and second floors.

The curves used in the elevation surfaces on the north side and the east side represent those of a female body.

The graceful curved surface walls were created by connecting the curves with a straight line.

These curved walls are used as a motif of this architecture, and you can see them not only in the façade but also in the internal spaces on each floor. Source:

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