Fixed Rates of Fruits and Vegetable

Fixed Rates of Fruits and Vegetable

Fixed Rates of Fruits and Vegetable

Officers have lost sleep over the black marketing of fruits and vegetables after the night curfew and weekend lockdown over the Corona epidemic. The district mandi officer has started fixing the rates of fruits and vegetables. A person who sells on the street will not be able to sell at a higher rate. If sold for more, then action will be taken against it. According to District Market Officer Mukesh Kale, the rates will be issued daily in this regard. For charging more money, they provided the complaint number 9463639586.

Vegetable Rate per KG

  • Peas- 70-90
  • Cauliflower-15-25
  • Carrot-15-20
  • Tomato-10-15
  • Eggplant-10-20
  • Lady Fingers-25-40
  • Cucumber-10-15
  • Indian Round Gourd (टिंडा) -25-40
  • Radish-15-20
  • Cabbage- 10-15
  • Ginger-50-70
  • Garlic-40-60
  • Onion-25-40
  • Beans-30-40
  • Capsicum-10-15
  • Green Chilli-15-20
  • Bottle Gourd-10-20
  • Pumpkin-10-15
  • Bittergourd-20-40
  • Lemon-55-70

Fruits Rate per KG

  • Apple- 30-70
  • Banana-36-50 per dozen
  • Grapes- 30-50
  • Citrus limetta (मौसम्मी) – 30 – 60
  • Guava-10-30
  • Watermelon-5-10
  • Papaya-10-25
  • Mango-20-50
  • Musk Melon (खरबूजा)-10-20
  • Pomegranate- 30-70

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