Fun and Creative Things to do with Lens Ball

Fun and Creative Things to do with Lens Ball

Fun and Creative things to do with Lens Ball

1. Get Low

The thing we like most about these balls is that they allow you to capture a completely different type of photo than you can get with just your camera. There are several advantages to this such as: It allows you to mix up your portfolio, blog content or Instagram profile with a different type of shot thrown in there.

2. Focus on the Ball

Generally speaking, the use of a lens ball is only warranted if you always get up nice and close to the ball and have it in focus, with the background blurred out. If you don’t go for this then you’ll just end up with a photo of a glass ball, not very interesting.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the lens ball in focus, especially if you are using Auto Focus on your camera. If you are comfortable using manual focus then I would definitely recommend that here.

3. Keep the Camera Still

The clearer the image inside the lens ball, the better the photo will turn out. If you can keep your camera still, you won’t have any motion blur in your image and therefore you have a better chance of keeping the lens ball image clear and focused.

4. Get Creative

One of the main benefits of using a lens ball is that it gives you the opportunity to get unique, sometimes trippy results. Take advantage of light displays and unusual surroundings. Zoom right into your lens ball and capture something fascinating. You could even take a video through a lens ball to really get people guessing what’s going on!

5. Dealing with the upside-down image

When you take a photo with a lens ball, the image inside the ball will be flipped due to refraction. Now, I personally don’t mind this as it can make the photo even more interesting, but I get that sometimes, you’ll want the image in the lens ball the right way up.


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