Go Solo! and enjoy your own company

Go Solo! and enjoy your own company

Go Solo! and enjoy your own company

Yoga & Meditation
Yoga is a wonderful way to get your body moving and connect with your body and mind. After you do a yoga session take 10 extra minutes to do a little meditation. Sitting with your breath has always been the most effective way to practice mindfulness.

Have a Movie Date by Yourself
Don’t feel guilty for removing yourself from the other people in your home to have a movie date by yourself. Turn on your favorite movie and snuggle up with yourself. Being in your own space can be very rejuvenating.

Escape with a Book
Reading has always been seen as a great escape for many and now more than ever it is a welcome escape. Books do not bound us to one reality and that is why they are so special. If you are able to even read one chapter a day it can be a great source of alone time.

De-clutter your Home
With so much time spent at home, it is a great time to declutter your space. After all, you will be spending a lot of time at home. You may as well make it fresh and clean. Decluttering is one of those solo activities that not only he’s you to let go of but also cleanses and revamps your space.

The power of puzzles
If you are not a puzzle person then now may be a good time to start. If you don’t have some puzzles at home then I suggest ordering one online or pick one up on your next trip to the grocery store.

Nature & Recharge
We all know the powerful recharging powers that being in nature can provide us. The smells, sounds, textures, and primal energy of nature can center us, relax us and recharge us.
In some cultures like Japan, they call this “forest bathing“. Some people use “grounding – standing on the earth barefoot” as a way to use the power of nature to recharge us.
Research forest bathing or grounding, or simply incorporate a nature walk into your day. Try our 30 day connect with nature challenge to get you started.

Adult coloring books
Adult coloring books are saving my sanity right now. It is a wonderful way to pass time and mindful activity that truly helps relax you. Get creative, relax your mind and pass the time away while making something beautiful.

Write your bucket list
Things will not always be this way and I think it is so important to keep that in mind. A new normal will happen and with those new opportunities for exciting adventures.

Bath & Relax
A bath is more than just a relaxing moment of self-care. It can also serve as a time to cleanse, recharge, and recentre yourself. Add oils, herbs, and salts to your tub. In order to elevate your bath into becoming a solo actitivy that not only sooths your mind but also heals your spirit.

Do an at home project
There are so many different types of home renovation projects that you can do on your own. I personally love painting, turning up the music and getting in the zone while transforming the space in my home is always a fun activity to do by myself.

Bake something fabulous
If you love to bake then you know it can be a very calming activity. There is nothing more relaxing than baking some fresh chocolate chip cookies. Get creative, relax and make yourself something delicious.

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