Man Who Saved Many Indians From Close Call

Man Who Saved Many Indians From Close Call

Saviour of many Indians and founder of Sarbat Da Bhala

When one door closes, the other opens. If there is a problem, there’s always a solution.
Similar is the mindset of SPS Oberoi. The strong belief in making a way out and finding solutions to the problem before it gets any worse. Applying for as much help in any form. Acknowledging the problems and finding their roots. These all have been the key skills of SPS Oberoi.

This was proven when his selflessness saved 10 Indian lives from the death sentence.
It all started when he was reading the news and learned that 17 Indians had been sentenced to death due to some trouble in Dubai. This news distressed him a lot. It all clicked immediately to him. He felt the urge to save them by all means.

He set up a meeting with them in prison and then went back to the United States to meet their families. When he saw the families’ misery, he knew he had to save them, no matter what the cost.
It was clear Humanity that he vowed to. After this great turn in his life, He founded the Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust to represent them in court. Fortunately, Oberoi won the long-running legal fight, but he was forced to pay the family of the deceased Pakistani man $2.2 million from his savings in the form of blood money.
There have been no turnbacks in his life since then. He helped 89 people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines with the death penalty.

It was the beginning of the beautiful success of the trust in India and foreign countries. Activities grew over time in Dubai. It started by assisting in the repatriation of dead bodies and the rescue of girls trapped in the Gulf area. The Trust has successfully brought back over 80 dead bodies and rescued five girls till date, and it is currently fighting for the rescue of another 105 girls.

Bit by bit, Trust started helping people in various sectors such as medical infrastructure, education, NGOs, welfare projects, and much more nationally and internationally.
It wasn’t all fun and games with such responsibilities and huge commitments done by SPS Oberoi. It was he who took one heavy step that made it all worthy. People contributed on their behalf and everything connected.
Even at one point in time, his donation of 95% of his profits sparked controversy and speculation, leading a directorate of compliance to launch an investigation into his earnings, which later revealed no discrepancies.
Still, despite it all, he hasn’t let anything get in the way of his passion for others who are less fortunate than himself. His mission is to improve people’s lives, so when his hotel chain requested his attention, he decided to shut it down rather than divert his attention away from his humanitarian work.

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