NGO Serves people Food, Clothes, Ambulance Service In Just Rs. 11/-

NGO Serves people Food, Clothes, Ambulance Service In Just Rs. 11/-

Aakhri Umeed Welfare Society can be contacted at 91155-60161, 62 ,63 , 64 , 65.

Aakhri Umeed Welfare Society Serving People in Just Rs. 11
In the tough times of Covid-19, many people have come up to help the ones who are suffering. In such times, where a person might be dangerous to a person but some people have not only been good to others but also have given immense hope to the hopeless.

By these messengers of God, selfless deed of contribution is also done by Aakhri Umeed Welfare Society (Last Hope) in Punjab. Jatinder Singh started this NGO in 2018 with only 13 Members. Currently, they have 70 members working in their Society.

Fulfilling needs of people
They are trying their best to fulfill the needs of the helpless. They are providing clothes, food, and medicines for our society in just Rs. 11/-
They have also opened a mall in Jalandhar City where the people in need can buy clothes for just Rs. 11/- (clothes for gents, ladies, and kids)

Moreover, they also provide one time meal (lunch) with a variable menu (considering nutrition) at just Rs. 11/-
In Jalandhar, they layout medicines on Saturday and Sunday at Rs. 11/-. Also, 5 Doctors are working with them who take care of everything as part of their responsibility. To help Thalassaemia infected children, the NGO has organized Blood Donation Camps.

Aakhri Umeed Welfare Society (Last Hope) in Punjab has been creating good relations with the people who are suffering due to the pandemic and also who unfortunately passed away due to CORONA. This NGO has done more than 400 Cremations of covid infected dead bodies in Punjab.
Adding up to these deeds, they have also started a new project called “Ambulance Sewa”. They are going to provide Ambulance Service in just Rs. 11/- in PAN Punjab.
A support from your side in this project will be a relief to many who are suffering due to this cause and can not afford even basic provisions.
It is also the moral duty of everyone to help those who are in need by supporting the ones who are already helping them.

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  • gagan mehta
    May 21, 2021, 5:02 pm

    Great work at this time. Sir ji tusi bahut vadiya kar rahe ho. Is time te tan rishtedaar vi door ho jande ne. tusi fer vi lokan di madad kar rahe ho. rabb tuhanu lambi umar deve.