Team IMA Dedication Towards Vaccination Drive.

Team IMA Dedication Towards Vaccination Drive.


Team IMA is bringing change in the lives of Jalandhar residents in this crucial pandemic period. This article is our heartfelt recognition of the efforts of the vaccination drive that started in the IMA hall, Jalandhar on 18th May, 2021.

 The drive was initiated due to the mindful and generous recommendation made by DC Shri Ghanshayam Thori. The Camp is providing vaccinations to the people whose age is between 18 to 44 years including frontline workers. Camp is organized under the guidance of Civil surgeon Dr. Balwant Singh, D.O. Dr. Rakesh Chopra, and D.F.P.O. Dr. Raman Gupta.

The camp has proved to be a splendid success with hundreds of people taking the provided and intended health benefits from it. The managing committee includes talented volunteers from the rotary club – Mr. Manjit Singh president and Sec P.S. BINDRA.

IMA President Dr. Amarjeet Singh, Secretary Dr. Naresh Bathla, Dr. S.P.S. Grover, Dr. M.S. Bhutani, and many others are putting in their utmost skill and expertise along with sufficient resources in order to achieve the expected success and projected improvement in heath. Secretary Dr. Naresh Bathla is constantly in touch with concerned administration, doctors, and health-related people including the Frontline workers to get themselves  and their contacts vaccinated. Jalandhar west district’s governor has played the key role in this profound initiative.

Dr. Bathla mentioned the importance of vaccinations and says, “Vaccination is the only practical way to get rid of this pandemic. If we want to avoid the dreadful 3rd wave, everyone should get vaccinated.”

Moreover, he appealed to the society to get vaccinated, and to be a part of this drive, he assures people that there is no harm or side effects in getting vaccinated but only positive benefits.

IMA Jalandhar has been providing the best facilities during the pandemic and overall. The tasks done by IMA have been in the favour of the public. Once again, by starting this drive, IMA people have proven their reliability and integrity.

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