These things will prepare your child to become a better student in Lockdown

These things will prepare your child to become a better student in Lockdown

Time to create little 3-D Projects

One of the concerns about socially distanced classrooms is that students will have to learn in a “sit and get” environment. As educators, we’re always striving to move away from traditional lectures. That’s where 3-D projects come in. When students can turn their learning or research into a 3-dimensional project engagement and buy-in soar.

Here are some simple ways to make learning a little more 3-dimensional:

  • — Have students turn their notes into paper airplanes.
  • — Turn a single piece of paper into mini-books filled with notes.
  • — Let students create cootie catchers to review important concepts.
  • — Provide students with interactive notebook activities.

I love making learning more hands-on. Some of my favorite lessons are back to school mini-books, 3-D monuments for ancient civilizations, 3-D research projects and even 3-D writing lessons.

Learning in the OPEN

Let’s be honest, kids are always requesting to have class outside. Now is the perfect time to do just that. To prep, just set out flags, blankets, or cones to designate where kids can work while remaining socially distant. Then, students can bring their work outside.

Since the kids are outside, they can also be a bit louder, so you can make it especially fun by…

  • — Letting students shout their spelling words
  • — Challenging students to read out loud in a way that everyone on their blankets can hear them
  • — Creating cheers to help remember important content
  • — Teaching new information and encouraging students to yell their responses


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