This Conceptual Lakehouse Dream Of Reza Mohtashami.

This Conceptual Lakehouse Dream Of Reza Mohtashami.


For all of us, owning a lakefront house is a dream come true. After witnessing this stunning sea-facing home constructed by Iranian architect, designer, and CG artist Reza Mohtashami, your yearning will grow even more. On social media, Mohtashami recently released renderings of his waterfront home.

This conceptual home, dubbed the Rock House (Face to the Sea), was created with the goal of bridging the gap between nature and architecture. You can tell it’s a concrete house from the photos since it has a high cantilevered living room that shares the floor with a kitchen and bathroom at the end. A huge glass façade allows for panoramic views of the surrounding surroundings.

The inside walls stand out and look to be constructed of stone. The kitchen and the bedroom upstairs both benefit from a large skylight that lets in plenty of natural light. A terrace has also been added to allow owners to spend time outside.

The building’s cantilevered design is promising, and it may have a lower environmental impact.

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