This daily Morning Routine changed my life completely

This daily Morning Routine changed my life completely

This daily Morning Routine changed my life completely

  1. Wake Up Earlier

Everyone has different schedules and our days will all look very different but waking up a little earlier before your actual day starts has a lot of benefits. It allows you to start doing your tasks much sooner which leave you feeling much more productive. Your “earlier” might be 15 minutes and mines might be 2 hours, it depends on your schedule and what you have to do throughout the day, it’s definitely on you to decide. Take this as your “alone time”, no phone, just get up and be in the moment.

  • 15 Minutes of Physical Activities

Physical activities have been shown to drastically improve mental disorder like anxiety and depression, it releases stress, makes you feel energized and boosts your overall mood. Doing 15-30 minutes of light exercises in the morning has improved my mental health so much.

  • Rehydration

Rehydrating your body in the morning is a great way to break your night fast(unless you’re one of those persons who jugs a gallon of water at 2pm), it wakes your digestive system up replaces the water loss after doing physical activities.

  • Make Your Bed

Making your bed might seem like not much of a big deal. I was definitely one of those kids that thought “why should I make my bed if I’m just going back into it shortly.” But, making your bed limits the thoughts of you re-entering it. Practice just tidying sleeping areas and making your bed in the morning because it brings a sense of achievement.

  • Take A Cold Shower

This might sound little brutal, cold showers in the morning? This woman is crazy. But cold showers have amazing benefits, they do a great job of actually waking your body, increasing circulation, and reducing muscle sores after physical activity.

These may be the things which now seems not so important or magical but these are the small steps which when practice one day at a time can improve you wholly for the rest of your life.


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