This futuristic bracelet can change the way you look at things

This futuristic bracelet can change the way you look at things

This bracelet is the future.

We’ve seen futuristic wearables in movies like Iron Man, where Robert Downey Jr. maneuvers a Google Glass-look-alike and makes a touchscreen appear out of thin air. Now there’s a company that is bringing that touchscreen even closer… skin close! This new wearable could have you saying goodbye to your smartphones for good.

All users have to do is slip on this bracelet to transform their skin into a working touchscreen. The revolutionary wearable projects a smartphone screen on the surface of your arm, along with eight long-range proximity sensors. Each tap on your skin alerts a sensor, which then sends information back to the bracelet and then to your smartphone via Bluetooth. How crazy is that?

The bracelet comes in two sizes and 10 colors. Once clad in this wearable, you can do whatever the smartphone does — read emails, check the weather, play your favorite games and even answer your calls. The bracelet is completely waterproof, so you can respond to important emails or just read your latest e-book straight from your tub.


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