Utilize the best out of your Apple Watch

Utilize the best out of your Apple Watch

Utilize the best out of your Apple Watch

1. Ping your iPhone with the Apple Watch

Although it seems silly, I use the ping feature of my Apple Watch more than any other.

How many times do you search your car for your phone, temporarily lose it in your oversized handbag, or simply misplace it in your house? Pinging my phone has given me back hours to my life.

2. Monitor Daily Activity with the Apple Watch

Using the Apple Watch as a Heart Rate Monitor with the Peloton Cycle or App

3. Send Text Messages with the Apple Watch

I didn’t think I would actually use the text message feature but I do, all the time.

4. Phone Calls with the Apple Watch

I rarely use my Apple Watch to have an entire conversation. I use it to take a call when otherwise, I would miss it. You can easily switch the call over from your watch to your phone.

5. Maps with the Apple Watch                         

I have zero sense of direction. My Etios does not have a built-in navigation system. Instead, we use Apple Play which connects my phone to the display board.

What’s great about the Maps app is that it pulls all your addresses from your phone, including appointments in your calendar, invitations, and contacts.


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