Do these to maintain your Badminton Skills during Quarantine

Do these to maintain your Badminton Skills during Quarantine

We all have faced and also fear to face in the decline of physical fitness during the time Covid-19. And all the players out there who have been enthusiastically going out to play their favorite sports also be looking out for the best way to continue their practices. But there’s some of the ways which can be done in your home and help you maintain your skills related to badminton.

  1. Wall Practice: You can tape the wall as per the height of the badminton net(1.524m) and practice accordingly. Of course, the walls of your home may not be of great height so at home you can practice chest level shots also known as parallel shots. Remember to squat a bit and jump which your legs shoulder-width apart while receiving the shuttle.
  2. Skipping: Try to do at least 1000-2000 skips or for 10-15 minutes and keep challenging yourself. Moreover, skipping is a great exercise for your cardiovascular system. So it will help to improve agility as well. Those facing problems with skipping can opt for a jog or a run on the treadmill. Otherwise, simple walk for 20-40 minutes will go.
  3. Agility Exercises: Remember to jog every day for at least 10 minutes and also mix it up with skipping for 10-15 minutes or 1000-2000 skips regularly as these are great for your cardiovascular system. 
  4. High Knees
  5. Moving legs back and forth, side and inside, and criss-cross. 
  6. Kangaroo jumps
  7. High jumps (you can mix it with two low jumps and then a high jump)
  8. Lunges (moving/stationary depending on your comfort)
  9. Sprinting- This can be done stationary standing at one place or if you have someplace in your hall/veranda you can utilize that space to sprint for 2-3 rounds. 
  • Shadows: Shadow practice is one of the most important elements in badminton. Importantly, it is done without the need for another player, shuttle, and court. There are various variations that you can add to your shadow practice but remember to practice it at least once a week. Moreover, visualize each shot when you are practicing shadows.
  • Racket Swing Practice: This is very effective for practicing smashes, clears, and backhand shots, defense, and many more as it helps to improve your gripping pattern and arm strength. To make it more challenging try to use a heavier racket or a tennis racket for added benefits.


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