I bet many sportspersons can relate to this not just Soccer players

I bet many sportspersons can relate to this not just Soccer players

Other than having lots of fun and fitness through every spots but also there are some funny drawbacks to the same. Like it says “It’s all fun and games until you find what really happens”

  1. Soccer tan lines
    You’ve never seen your legs this tan until you look up at your thighs. Your thighs are pasty white and match your calves. Forget a tanning bed, you’ll end up getting those amazing tan lines again.
  2. Chesting the ball can either make or break you.
    Yes, chesting the ball is a way to settle the ball, but it hurts so badly. There is a fine line when you hit your chest, and you hit your boobs. Trust me, you’ll know the difference.
  3. Getting a soccer ball branded in your thigh.
    Getting hit with a ball in the thigh is bad, but what’s worse is when its 30 degrees outside. But you are super proud when it leaves a mark, and you just have to show the whole soccer team.
  4. Jeans are made from hell.
    Yoga pants for the win.
  5. Who needs a social life anyways?
    “I can’t, I have soccer” is your favorite and most used line.
  6. Your jersey number does matter.
    Yeah it’s just a number, but it’s your number, and it means the world to you.
  7. Having prewrap everywhere.
    You probably have prewrap to match every outfit. Don’t be ashamed.
  8. Random bruises.
    Some how you’re really proud of the bruises you get, and you show them to everyone.
  9. Even when you decide to give up soccer, it’s still part of your life.
  10. The unconditionally support from your parents.
    Yes, at first your parents may be annoying from cheering you on (or embarrassing you) to telling you stuff you did wrong after the game. But all together you are lucky to have their support from sitting in the freezing rain, to the blazing heat. Every once in a while you need to thank them for suffering and knowing that them coming to your games means the world to you.
    Source: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/20-things-soccer-girls-understand

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