This 9-1 rule can simplify your daily schedule

This 9-1 rule can simplify your daily schedule

It’s an huge task to have a healthy lifestyle these days. With this running world and having so much work to do in 24 hours makes a day tiring and exhausted at the end. Many people still suffer from such problems with scheduling their daily habits and having a good schedule to go with. But there’s this trick or hack where one can have the idea what and how to do and do that along. The 9-1 count rules, i.e,

9 Thousand Steps
8 Hours of Sleep
7 Glasses of Water
6 Minutes of Meditation
5 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables
4 Breaks (Stretching and Mental Awareness)
3 Healthy Meals and Snacks
2 Hours of No Phone before bed
1 Session of Exercise

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