Man of The People: Maneet Duggal.

Man of The People: Maneet Duggal.


We take birth in this awesome Arena to fulfill duties assigned to us. In return, the universe gives us blessings and growth. A.D.A. Maneet Duggal is one such blessed soul. He is an impeccable example of the saying “One who works for the community is the one who brings justice to the people that are barred from their rights.”

He was rewarded by the cabinet minister on the eve of republic day. Maneet Duggal is recognized many times by the state officials for his exemplary work and is duly appreciated by them in writing. He is an active participant in the duties assigned to him and other people who know him have a high saying for the man. The State Government additionally appointed him with Special Investigation Team constituted to investigate Sacrilege cases at Bargari, Faridkot.

With a charismatic personality, we see him working every day every hour for the upliftment of underprivileged people. To make a reach to every person who can take benefit from his knowledge, he runs online webinars from time to time on various issues critical to society. He is a bright star who brings Jalandhar close to absolute justice.

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