Experiment: Transpiration – Watching the process of water movement through a plant.

celery in glass containers having color fluid

Practically Viewing the Process of Transpiration.

Kids love colors and this experiment is totally colorful. This experiment includes colors to prove and view the process of transpiration in plants very clearly. Must try this to make kids understand with a lot of fun.

Things needed:

1.           celery (the leafy parts show the color the best)

2.           jars

3.           water

4.           food coloring

First, put the celery in the colored water, and then record your observations in your science notebooks.  This helps to encourage you to think like scientists and helps track the changes.

Then leave the celery in the colored water overnight and you will see that the stems and the leaves of the celery started to turn the same color as the water that it was in.

This is the process of transpiration.  The xylem in the plant sucks up water like a straw and the colored water moves throughout the celery.  The cool thing about this experiment is that you can see the capillaries once they are colored.

Record your observations and you will notice that the celery stalks with more leaves “drank” more of the water than the ones with less. 

We concluded this was because the leaves needed water too.

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