Rahul Vohra choked to Covid-19

Rahul Vohra choked to Covid-19

Rahul Vohra choked to Covid-19

Covid-19 second wave has been more devastating. The scenes that have came up has been more than miserable. It has taken the lives of people with no age bars from babies to adults to aged ones is in danger in the same amount.

YouTuber Rahul Vohra died on Sunday as a result of Covid-19 complications, his death made all the more tragic by a Facebook post he made on Saturday, in which he said that he would have lived if he had received adequate and timely medical help. Jyoti Tiwari, his wife, posted a heartbreaking video of the 35-year-old on Facebook a day after his death, in which he can be seen gasping for air even while in the hospital.

Precautions to take under Covid-19:

Wear a mask.

Clean your hands.

Maintain safe distance.

Get vaccinated.

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