Dr. Iqbal Singh- A Man, An Institution.

Dr. Iqbal Singh- A Man, An Institution.


God is One. Many believe, but few apply. But Dr. Iqbal Singh not only showed everyone but set an example of his own for the same. He was born and brought up in the family of Freedom Fighters. He not only absorbed the principle and discipline in his life but applied it for the enhancement of the nation. As everyone finds their own path to help people, he did the same. Started a career in politics at his earlier age, then representing Indian National Youth Congress at the International Youth Festival in Cuba. He was Member of Parliament of Rajya Sabha from 1992–98. He has been a great success in everything he did. It felt like he was a person who was born with such leadership skills.

The same skills came out in his sportsmanship. Because of this, he caused a stir about this in the people and promoted ‘Rural Sports’ at the Panchayat level.  Also, founded ‘All India Surjit Hockey Tournament’ and became the Chairman of ‘Punjab Sports Welfare Society’.

Connecting the dots, he came as the lieutenant governor of Puducherry in 2009. In recognition of his contributions, Andhra University had conferred upon him the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.) on 5 December 2009. To make such an accomplishment in one’s life, one has to connect and feel people at their level. He did that for which people supported him and got fond of his personality. In return, he did his best for society. It may be Anti-Drug Campaigns and Blood Donation Camps, or hyping up the literature sector, or saving lives by acting as the vanguard of mobilizing large amounts of supplies to help Bihar flood victims promptly and much more, he has done tremendous work by practically contributing his knowledge, experience, thoughts, moral values, and overall skills.

He has always fought tooth and nail to polish society without being biased.

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