The Man Who Fight Against All Odds.

The Man Who Fight Against All Odds.

ED Deputy Director Niranjan Singh Retired.

ED officer Niranjan Singh, who played a key role in seizing drugs from an international drug trafficking ring, is retiring today. He is known in Punjab as a lion-man and a man of integrity. The individual played a crucial role in the attachment of properties valued more than Rs. 500 crores in several cases. Cases like the Bhola drug case, Inderjit drug case, liquor probes, Synthetic drugs racket, Money laundering cases, and many more have been investigated by him and got success. He served for the wellness of people and to remove the drug issues from Punjab.
Even during his service period, he is always backed by the people of Punjab. In an earlier interview, he told that he will take the fight against drugs to its logical conclusion. He had done so much for saving the youth of Punjab that we will always be indebted to him. He always comes forward to fulfill his duties. Many cases may not have come to light if he hadn’t for him. He had no qualms about confronting even high-ranking politicians or officials who had a lot of popular support.
We are all familiar with his life. The people of Punjab are constantly on his side because of the service he has provided during his time in office. We behindthespot wish him the best of luck for the retirement and hope he will be a role model to the young and upcoming officers.

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