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The Centennial Hall is a historic building in Wrocław, Poland. It was designed by Max Berg in 1911, when the city was known as Breslau and belonged to the Province of Silesia in the German Empire, to host a 1913 exhibition celebrating the centennial of the Battle of Leipzig. The building is one of the most important examples of early modernist and expressionist architecture. In 2006, it was inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Poland. The Wrocław exhibition ground, surrounding the hall, also includes a pergola, the needle-like monument Iglica, and the Four Domes Pavilion, which is part of the National Museum.

The cupola modeled on the Festhalle Frankfurt was made of reinforced concrete, and with an inner diameter of 69 m (226 ft) and height of 42 m (138 ft) it was the largest building of its kind at the time of construction. The symmetrical quatrefoil shape with a large circular central space seats 7,000 persons. The dome itself is 23 m (75 ft) high, made of steel and glass. The Jahrhunderthalle became a key reference for the development of reinforced concrete structures in the 20th century.

At the center of the structure, a superior dome with a lantern is situated. Looking from the inside, there is a clearly visible pattern of the Iron Cross at the top of the dome; for this reason, the center of the structure was shrouded during the Communist era in Poland.

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