Reduce Chaos, Live Better.

Reduce Chaos, Live Better.

Simple Life, Happy Life.


Who doesn’t want a peaceful and simple life, Where one can enjoy the happenings and tasks he is into. Everyone wants it, but when it comes to making life simple, we literally add more elements to make it worse. We are providing you here with some simple tips that can affect your life greatly in a positive manner.

1) Make a schedule.

The foundations of simple life are routines. They provide us structure, relieve stress, and make us look more put together. Make a morning, evening, food planning, washing, or another schedule that works for you.

2) Practice Done Is Better Than Perfect.

Allow yourself to let go of the elusive and toxic ideal of perfection. Instead, embrace “good enough” and “done.”

3) Make a Mini Kit of Daily Essentials.

There’s no reason to take half of your possessions around with you every day. Learn what a minimalist bag is and how to use one. Make a little daily essentials kit and keep it apart from the rest of your belongings. You won’t have to repack every time you switch bags because you’ll only transfer your tiny kit. Keys, Kleenex, and basic beauty products are among the goods in my bag.

4) Stop juggling many tasks.

Multitasking does not appear to operate in the current state of science and research. Most of us can’t, or at least can’t do it very well, switch our focus quickly between different tasks. Instead of multitasking, try single-tasking, which involves devoting uninterrupted time and attention to a single task or activity.

5 ) Make your version of the simple life.

These are our suggestions, but everyone has a different idea of what it means to live a simple life. Make up your version of the story. We recommend making a list of anything that you believe makes your life too complicated and simplify them. Tension and anxiety drain your energy and time so you too don’t want it lurking around. Happy life to all of you.

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