Relax yourselves by these Methods

Relax yourselves by these Methods

Relax yourselves by these Methods

1. Learn from one teacher at a time

Put a constraint (aka rule) in your life that you only learn from one teacher at a time. Focus on a single task instead of trying to do all the things. Multitasking can be great for some areas of your life, but when learning, a great habit is to learn from one teacher at a time.

The way it works is that if you want to learn something, buy the book or the course, go through the entire thing, then implement it all. Only, once you’re finished learning it all and implementing it, can you then move on to the next course or book.

2. Set one goal at a time

Instead of setting 3-6 goals at a time, try just setting ONE big goal. Focus on what’s important. By focusing your attention on one goal at a time, you are much more likely to achieve that goal since all of your attention is devoted to it.

Going “all in” on one goal and focusing every ounce of your energy on something is awesome. It leads to crazy good results and is very motivating.

3. No email until after 12 pm

Put a rule in your life where you don’t check email (or social media) until a certain time of day.

Your morning hours are when you’re most productive, so saving email and social media until later in the day reduces the chance for other people’s agendas taking over your day.

4. Only wear certain colors (capsule wardrobe)

Implement a constraint in your life where you only wear certain colors. This is sort of like having a capsule wardrobe.

You can do this with any colors. I do it with neutrals.

I was so sick of spending time and energy on clothes. And I like to dress nice, but hated the effort required. So, I implemented a neutrals-only policy. I only wear/ buy neutral colors.

It saves me time, energy, and money. Things always match and it’s super easy to get dressed every day.

5. Schedule 15 minutes of alone time EVERY DAY

Depending on the crazy in your life, find time every day for 15 minutes of alone, quiet time. This may seem like a lot or it may seem like a little.

Either way, make sure you have at least this much time alone where you can just be with yourself.

So often, overwhelm is a mindset problem in our heads. Give yourself time to slow down, remove the drama from your life, and get centered. This can be a great time for meditation, too.

6. Journal for 5 minutes a day

Writing is one of the best ways to organize your thoughts. When overwhelm and business creep into your life, write down exactly what you’re thinking for a couple minutes.

The more you write – even for a short time – the more you’ll get clarity about your thoughts. And clarity with your thinking is key to solving for overwhelm.

7. Keep minimum baselines in your life

When it feels like you don’t have time for everything you want to do, keep minimum baselines for the bare minimum amount you’ll do.

For example, you may prefer to work-out for one hour every day at your fave workout class. Instead of doing nothing on the days you can’t make it, put a minimum baseline in your life that no matter what, you run for 20 minutes as the minimum baseline for your workout routine.


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