The 3 basic ways to train your minds to work better in English.

The 3 basic ways to train your minds to work better in English.


Learning English for many people could be a difficult task. Many people do not possess English as their native language. But being an international language, one must know how to speak English conveniently. So, here are some lesser-known ways to learn and apply English better.


As much as possible, immerse yourself in the English language. Immersion means that you are exposed to as much English as possible through listening and reading. Make it a daily routine to listen to an English-language podcast, song, movie, or TV show to hear native English speakers speaking in English. You might also read an English book, newspaper, or article to learn new words, grammar, phrases, and idioms that are organically used in English. You will be subconsciously training your brain to process information faster in English and to utilize this new information in the future by immersing yourself in English.


You are putting in far more effort than is required, and you are not strengthening your capacity to think in English. Instead of utilizing a bilingual dictionary, seek up the meanings of new words in a monolingual dictionary. Also, whenever you learn a new term, make sure to put it in a sentence or context so that you remember how to use it and can think of it quickly when you need to talk in English.


The more you use your English in both spoken and written form, the faster your ability to think in English will develop. Use your English by writing or speaking to someone every day to put what you’ve learned into practice. This will also allow you to put yourself to the test and see how far you’ve come in terms of your ability to think faster in English. If you don’t feel like you’re progressing, try the suggestions below to train your brain to think faster in English.

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