The Legendary Actor Dalip Kumar.

The Legendary Actor Dalip Kumar.


The legendary actor Dalip Kumar (Yousuf Khan, Dec 11, 1922- ) with impeccable and iconic performance and perfection has left an indelible mark in the Indian Cinema. He is well known in the film fraternity for his versatile roles with equal felicity and exalted brilliance-whether tragedy, comedy, romantic, or character.

Unlike his contemporary heroes like Raj Kapoor following Charlie Chaplin or Dev Anand imitating Gregory Peck- Dalip Sahib has his own way of acting-emoting long before performing, that Satyajit Ray called “ultimate method of acting” which requires deep contemplation of the situation and context, feeling the emotions of the character in a profound manner.

His life gives us a message “Excellence is not attained by chance or luck, but by continuous striving and struggle, untiring hard work, integrity, patience, and persistence.

Article Author: Varinder Kumar,

Naveen Goel

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