Who knew turning 45 degrees would make such a big difference in houses

Who knew turning 45 degrees would make such a big difference in houses

Who knew turning 45 degrees would make such a big difference in houses

Since Ingels reimagined the traditional A-frame by turning it 45 degrees to obtain more floor space and higher walls, the concept was dubbed the A45. A subfloor, a timber frame (over which weatherproof canvas is stretched), and a triangular, seven-paneled window wall are among the prefabricated, flat-packed pieces that are constructed on site. All of the materials used in the construction are recyclable. “The structure is slightly elevated on four concrete piers that give optimal support and allow homeowners to place their tiny house in even the most remote areas,” notes Rose

The interior is 180 square feet, but thanks to the 13-foot ceiling, it looks much bigger. The Mors woodstove heats the structure, which is built to run off the grid. There’s a sleeping loft and a streamlined bed that doubles as a sofa.

The walls are lined with dark brown cork, which adds an organic, textured look while also acting as a natural insulator and sound absorber. Sren Rose Studio designed the quilt, which is made of Kvadrat fabric.

The built-in kitchenette was given by handcrafted wooden kitchen specialists KBH Kbenhavns Mbelsnedkeri (which translates to Copenhagen Joinery).

KBH detailed the all-oak design with an overhead cabinet and pullout wooden cutting boards (when one is placed atop the sink, it becomes a work counter).

The whole bathroom is made of cedar, including the trough sink.

The brass fixtures are by Vola, and the KBH Mirror is framed in brass.

The bed frame’s architecture is echoed by a low wooden table.

Every side of the multifaceted structure is different: “from certain angles it looks like a cube but from other angles like a spire,” says Ingels.

“Oftentimes weekend getaways become so extensive that we end up ruining the nature that attracted us in the first place,” says Ingels. “We wanted to create a rural outpost with the smallest possible footprint for maximum immersion in the wild.”

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