An Exciting Tea Bag Experiment.

An Exciting Tea Bag Experiment.


This activity is done by/with adult supervision, wear protective eyewear, turn off the fans and make sure you have necessary safety equipment in the house (fire extinguisher, etc). This is super fun and simple but not to be done without an adult. You’ll need a new tea bag (not used), scissors, a non-flammable plate or surface, and a lighter of some sort.

i.            Cut the top off the tea bag and empty its contents.

ii.           Unfold and open up the bag.

iii.          Stand it up on its end on the plate or other non-flammable surface.

iv.          Light the top on fire.

v.           Watch as most of the tea bag burns.

vi.          As it gets to the bottom

vii.         It takes off into the air!

viii.       It goes out shortly after taking off leaving just a bit of ash

It’s fun to watch and you’ll want to do it again!

Should be done under adult supervision.

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