Do you know about Augmented reality: a daily use

Do you know about Augmented reality: a daily use

The popularity of augmented reality cannot be overlooked! In simpler terms, augmented reality is the addition of virtual effects in the real time situation of a user, enhancing real time presence.

Snapchat users out there, all the filters you have been using are available thanks to this technology! The latest one being where an animated character comes to life in the virtual world! An example of this technology is Google glass. Another popular by product of this technology is a game called PokemonGo.

To brief you on the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality, augmented reality adds virtual effects to the current reality, without changing our real time situation. On the other hand, using virtual reality supported gears enables you to experience reality that is not real. You could be sitting in your office and be on top of Mount Everest! However, virtual reality changes the visual state.


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