Stay Happy Stay Immune.

Stay Happy Stay Immune.


May all be free from suffering. May all be happy.

These are feelings expressed by SHILPI talking to behindthespot. We are sharing her Sandesh for our society to benefit from.


We have a strong belief that good health and mental well-being is the delicate balance between mind, body, and soul. We believe that a healthy body and stable mind can experience the state of divine blessing. Immunity is not attained by consuming immunity boosters but yes surely, we all can enhance our immunity by releasing dopamine hormones. These hormones are released when we are happy. So do whatever makes you happy. It can be anything like dancing, gardening, music or gossiping, etc. Immunity improves with good quality cells and good cells develop with good mood. You can do these activities yourself regularly and for the enhanced experience you can join our wellness programs that are based on profound techniques of ancient therapies, yoga, yog kriya, and yog sadhana.

..stay happy stay immune ..moksh wellness ..

We wish all the readers of behindthespot a healthy, happy, and blessed life at moksh wellness.

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