The Student of Eklavya School Ruhani, Sharing Her Beautiful Ruhani Thoughts.


Ruhani Choudhary a budding poet, flute player, Classical dancer, and much more. Studying in class 9 of eklavya school Jalandhar, this girl has been praised by the people. She also wrote a poem that we delightfully present to our readers. The poem shares her experience with nature one fine evening of monsoon & she made us realize the true value & beauty of nature. This wonderful poetess wrote:

This beautiful scene of the monsoon, This wonderful evening.

Sitting and watching the birds And this beautiful scenery.

People are running for money, for cars, for bungalows.

Not knowing that there is no value of the materialistic things.

Nothing can value more than these silent tress,

Nothing can be compared with these waves of ocean

No money can stand against this sound of rain

No car can be like this heart touching wind.

Not even a single bungalow will give you that peace

Nothing is more than this evening

Nothing is more than this evening

It will change your mind, heart & soul

It will teach you a lesson & you will now know that the nature is the whole.

The clear heart of the writer is well reflected in this poem.

Behindthespot wishes her all the best for her upcoming endeavors.

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